Raw Materials are the building blocks
of east London's River Lea Valley

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As part of an ongoing exhibition, this project delves into the history of the Lea River Valley. We share the stories of the people and industry which have given this area its rich heritage.

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Visit to Museum of Design in Plastics, Arts University Bournemouth – Eleanor Begley, steering group member

In a world littered with 'disposable' plastic, from bottle tops to honey dispensers, it may feel odd to find such objects behind the glass displays of a museum collection. The Museum of Design in Plastics at Arts University Bournemouth houses an extensive collection of items falling under the category of ‘plastic’. The term ‘plastic’ refers to any natural, semi-synthetic or synthetic material that can be softened by heat and moulded. One quickly comes to realise just how many plastic objects make up our material world, from electric kettles, to yoghurt containers, to bread bags, to Kevlar windscreens. Tucked away on the second floor of the university library, the Museum of Design in Plastics’ exhibition space consists of a square room lined with mirrored glass cabinets. It houses a rolling exhibition mapping out the many uses and histories of this incredibly versatile material.

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