An glimpse into a life by the River Lea.

Listen to the wonderful memories of John Finn and his childhood spent playing by the River Lea. In this oral history, Annette Fry interviews John Finn.


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  • Hi yes born in 1959 and lived in Cunningham road off Broad lane we ( my brothers and friends spent lots of time over Markfeild park, river Lee , Walthamstow marshes . I remember the Bamberges fire of 1966 the year off World Cup Willy . I think of those days a lot with the Tottenham Kangaroos cycle track up near Stonebridge lock .We moved to Essex in 1975 just before the hot summer of 1976 . Still following “ The Spurs “ for my sin’s.

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This oral history was recorded by Bow Arts. Extracts can be listened to here on the Raw Materials website