I see the boat, floating in the sky. Shaped as the sails travel through the sea. Brown chocolate texture, could it really be edible to eat?

Big blocks and little one, too, it’s Legoland. Fun for the family. Looks like, made of wood. Can it be true?

Shiny, bright chest drawers. Plenty of space for our clothes. Oh, yes. I like this.


In my master bedroom is my favourite bed. It’s made of mahogany wood, I think. Solid as can be. Still holding on and comfortable to sleep, even though, it’s over a decade. That’s a good quality thing. Making sleep a pleasant, resting place. So tempting, don’t feel like getting out of bed. This is the furniture, I would recommend for every home.


I am a Boat, travelling from one country to another. I like to carry people and objects. It makes me feel happy to see such beautiful faces and smiles, too. My days would be very boring without all people’s attention, curiosity and wonderful words.



Lego Brick.

That rather enlarged Lego piece was very appealing to me. Though you wouldn’t ever use a lego piece for decorative purposes. But now, that’s made out of wood, it looks very much like an interior decorative piece you could place in a rather big living room. Also it has plenty of space to put other things on it eg putting a plant on it. Or one of those small trees, to reflect the wood nature. I believe they would fit in really well.



I was amazed by the wood suitcase. The texture is nice so sharp and soft. The details very fine. Lots of work went into making matchboxes. Such small things. Everybody and all houses use them.


Wooden sieve to clear the wheat. I will pass this on to my son.


I am open to put things in or take out. I am picked up a lot. Going to different places I travel a lot. Hot weather cold weather I see it all. I am not in one place I get to go to places with someone who cares for me.



Wood is my favourite medium my dad was a carpenter. I feel quite emotional a wave of different emotions pride, sadness, interest, love!

The tools are beautiful. I have some of my own stamped with dad’s initials. But I was drawn to a more modern piece.

A mixture of old and new.

A very perfect square in proportion and neat however in side a secret harping back to times of old filled with pieces of moulding, small intricate pieces all joined together to form one piece. Something that would be on the outside is on the inside. And then another secret treasure a camera.

This filled my heart with joy and excitement. Then I see the picture we have gone full circle the place where the wood is made has been photographed by the camera.

It’s my dad’s place! He told me stories many stories of how he lived and played by the river Lea. I see the boats the towpath the trees. A familiar sight a place I know well. But here it looks like my dad’s place. It’s where he played, swimming in the water running through the grass, making slingshots from the rubber in the tyre pile. He grew up there in the middle of the home of wood.


Wood shavings


Nature in action

Pure, clean and fresh

I watch the shavings

Fall to the floor

Rolling out of the plane

Making patterns

Dancing, playing, curling

Fresh wood, the smell of pine

Familiar, clean, beautiful

I know wood

It’s mine

I love wood

It’s kind

As the pieces dance to the floor

I breathe in the purity of nature


Ha look at me! I’m here pick me up take me away!  Open me what’s inside! Go on click the fastenings hear the creak of the hinges. I’m familiar, you know me…but do you! Ha I’m wooden have you seen a wooden one before I bet you haven’t I’m usually plastic, cloth and metal! This time I’m wood. Pick me up, go on take me out, you know you want to! See the grains of the wood like ripples in a pool of water travelling around the knot from a tree branch. But Ha look again look look, I’m not what you think! I’m not what you first thought! I’m different! I have a trick up my sleeve! I have a secret! Ha first impressions are deceiving. Well I think I’ll stay here for now. Maybe I’ll travel another day!



wooden ships, oceans, exploration, waves on water – grain, light + dark – steering – string – letter ‘M’, A Mark in time, the fishing smack, triangle – flimsy floating, Thames Barge, matchstick poles, silting up the river, wood walls wood river, wood sails.


the old Joanna, piano, in the front room – ivory keys, a box, heavy, veneered – tinkering and the keys, my mothers, ‘Play it Mark, Play it’ / a huge smile broke over her face in this poor space – Middle ‘C’ out of tune, songs written, ‘my sister + I’ my piano – boogie woogie, my father’s tall long legged trousers – crossing arms + legs – smiling – fur elise – Robin’s lessons, jazz, joy + tears – practice, practice, perform + storm out – tears before bedtime, slam the lid – deconstruct + see the inside / metal rods – + felt dampers – angels + demons, music – if it be the food of love – the food of memory – key to the past + feelings – feelings flooding everything is taken, lost dispersed – but the music remains in the box.


The piano – you open my lid – I don’t know what your fingers will say – how will you touch me – will you stroke me – or bang me, you mark me with sticky fingers – will I make you laugh, or make you cry – when you run your hands down my keys all of those notes all 8 octaves, how will you decide what to put together – which note will sit next to which / will you let me bring you joy or sorrow, will I bring horrid discord – or soothe you to sleep – lull you lullaby you –



This sailing boat would melt on water.

Cuts of paper beneath a white sky.

The boat is light but speaks of weight.

Is still but dreams of movement.